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Mark Levinson - High-End sedan 1972!

Mark Levinson – Skapade High-End segmentet 1972 och har sedan dessa varit en referens som andra tillverkare jämfört sig med! Vi har ett antal Mark Levinson produkter för demo i vår butik så vill du uppleva High-End på riktigt är du välkommen in på en demo.

Undrar du något gällande Mark Levinson kan du maila oss på så svarar vi på dina frågor.

As any true audiophile will attest, the Mark Levinson name is synonymous with audio purity. So when we design a piece of equipment, perfection isn’t the goal but the starting point.

In 1972, Mark Levinson cracked the code of pure audio playback with hand-built stereo components that overcame every known limitation on sound reproduction. Since then, we’ve created a class of our own by consistently releasing the best sounding, longest lasting, most intuitive audio/video components in the world—products that are just as gorgeous as they are meticulously crafted. That’s the level of audio excellence you see in every Mark Levinson component today.

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