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Audeze Hörlurar

Audeze Hörlurar – Amerikansk High-End tillverkare av hörlurar som startade 2009 som satt en ny standard hur en hörlur kan låta! Med deras egenutvecklade Planar Magnetic element skapar Audeze en ljudupplevelse hos en hörlur man inte trodde fanns innan. Vi har de flesta modeller för demo så välkommen in på en demo.

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was founded by 2 headphone enthusiasts back in 2009 with the sole aim of creating the best headphone experinece available and in the matter of a few short few years they have achieved their goal with the stunning LCD-2's, LCD-3's, LCD-X and LCD-XC's along with the EL-8 range.

Audeze also use their own version of a Planer Magnetic driver design rather than the more common dynamic design, giving them an extremely accurate presentation which is why they have become a favourite in pro audio studios for mastering thanks to their natural and accurate presentation with great transparency. If you would like to experience Audeze headphones please pop into HFL for a listen.